• V. Petersen
    My orthopedist referred me to Dr. Gomez. I had severe neck, shoulder, and pain as well as right and left hand pain. I could not work right and had a hard time with everyday activities. After just one month of treatment, I am much more mobile and can do things now that I couldn't do only a few months ago. I will definitely continue preventative care with Dr. Gomez.
    V. Petersen
  • R. Robichaud
    I went to Dr. Gomez with severe pain in my lower back and neck. I could not turn my head or get up after sitting down. I lost three days of work because of this. I have improved tremendously after only one week of chiropractic care. I have no pain at all and I feel much healthier and happier thanks to Dr. Gomez. I will definitely refer friends and family to Dr. Gomez.
    R. Robichaud
  • L. Keating
    After an auto accident, my attorney referred me to Dr. Gomez. I had severe neck and back pain and also blurred vision. I noticed more range of motion in my arm and neck after just three weeks of treatment. My headaches decreased and my vision was improved. Dr. Gomez has a friendly and helpful staff. He takes the time to discuss preventative methods. I will be continuing care with Dr. Gomez.
    L. Keating
  • K. Pizarro
    I came to see Dr. Gomez after I fell at work. I had really bad headaches and terrible pain in my lower back. Although I lost some time at work, my condition started to improve after about a month or so. I still see Dr. Gomez for preventative care and I am back at work with no restrictions.
    K. Pizarro
  • E. Burke
    I suffered with severe neck pain for about six months. I came to Dr. Gomez on the advice of my son. The pain in the back of my neck was terrible. My pain was relieved by 80% after only four visits! It feels great to get up in the morning without pain. I feel like a new man and can walk around the house. I am only sorry I didn't go six months ago! I feel great and continue maintenance care. The staff here is very friendly and helpful. I highly recommend Dr. Gomez.
    E. Burke
  • D. Pertler
    I was referred to Dr. Gomez by another patient of his. I had severe lower back pain, headaches, and neck pain, which was caused by an car accident. I could not lift anything heavy or even bend down without causing increased pain. Since I have been seeing Dr. Gomez I have been improving slowly but steadily. I have learned how to stay conscious of how to protect my back with some techniques I learned from Dr. Gomez.
    D. Pertler
  • C. Scomak
    I had severe pain in my neck, shoulder and back pain. The gym that I go to referred me to Dr. Gomez. I was having a hard time just doing my daily activities and caring for my two babies. After just 5 adjustments I was just about pain-free without having to take medication. I am now enjoying time with my babies and sleeping much better. I also have much better mobility. My experience with Dr. Gomez and his staff was wonderful.
    C. Scomak
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